Offering organic, loose leaf teas from around the world and
all the tea accessories necessary to make a perfect cup of tea!

About Gwen’s Teas

Owned and operated by Pamela Cicci, Gwen’s Teas opened in October 2012.

As a long time resident of St. Catharines, and firm believer in the downtown core, I jumped at the opportunity to become part of the downtown business community.

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Our Products

Gwen’s Teas offers a huge selection of loose leaf, organic teas from around the world. For a description of the different types, click on the categories below. The list of teas we carry is under ‘Tea menu.’ While we try to keep the list as up to date as possible, please contact us if you don’t see your favourite tea. Please contact us directly for pricing. 

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Our Products – Black Tea

China is second only to India in the production of tea. It manufactures green, oolong and black teas. In addition to the many provinces which produce recognizably named teas such as Keemun, Yunnan, and Fujian, there are hundreds and hundreds of districts (called hsiens) within these provinces, each producing teas with names having nothing to do with that province. China teas are often classified by the season of picking, by personal name, or after a mountain, lake or other landmark. China black teas are grown and produced mainly in the southern provinces, and yield a cup that is fragrant and sweet.

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