Wow. I know I’m not alone in wishing this winter goodbye! Other than consuming record amounts of tea, I’ve used this time to reflect on Gwen’s Teas and the direction I see the store heading. If you’ve been in lately, you’ll notice that I’m carrying more Canadian-made products. Going forward I hope to carry many more Canadian products as supporting local businesses and Canadian companies is very important to me. Of course, I will continue to carry products at reasonable price points and maintain the high quality of tea you know us for!

Despite the cold, snowy weather, work on surrounding downtown properties continues at record speed and I’m excited at the prospect of new neighbours. As a long time proponent of downtown it is so wonderful to see optimism in our historic core at an all time high.

There are a several events coming up in the next few months that Gwen’s Teas is proud to be a part of – March 26th Empty Bowls for Bethlehem Housing and Support Services, April 11 Pamperfest at Amici’s supporting General Hospital, ¬†April 26 Calorie Counters Annual Convention and a new event on May 3rd Stroll/Shop/See/Support live music & local merchants downtown St. Catharines.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t, at this point, give a big shout out to my dad, Vic Cicci, for covering the store throughout this long winter while I attended classes in Toronto. Expect to see more of him as he minds the store so I can attend the events mentioned above and continue to grow Gwen’s Teas through networking. Without his help the store would be closed more frequently, something nobody wants!

Thank you to all my repeat customers that have braved the cold and snowbanks to get their tea. To all my new customers welcome and I hope to see you again. I’m looking forward to meeting many more new customers once everyone can leave the house with fewer than 18 layers! A quick reminder, the Garden Park parking lot, located behind The Watering Can is only a block away and is city owned – great rates and free on Saturday! Or there is always room in the Carlisle Street Parking garage, no need to clean your car off in the snow if you park in the garage!

Keep the kettle on!

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